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Birth of Sachdev Overseas, a house of imported quality fitness equipments
Before proceeding to introduce ourselves, we would like to give prominence to our parent company M/s. Sachdev Sports Co, which was established as early as 1928 by late Shri. Ram Ratan Sachdev, who hailed from Sialkot in Pakistan, who later migrated to India and settled in Hyderabad. He started small sports showroom with a small turnover has grown slowly with his untiring efforts & certain dealings with the customers.

With the passing of the time & with the guidance of the founder, M/s. Sachdev Sports Co has grown up as a well-established supplier of quality sports goods and has been one of the major sports company in Andhra Pradesh catering to all government and educational institutions & not to speak about clubs & individuals. As there was a demand for fitness equipments with the present work atmosphere resulting lack of physical exercise, which is basic for good health, M/s. Sachdev Sports Co decided to establish an exclusive firm in the name of M/s. Sachdev Overseas to import quality fitness equipments in the brand name of “Aerofit” so that the company could cater to the needs of people of various walks of life and at a very affordable prices as well as to give the customer quality after sales service.

Sachdev Overseas, was established in the year October 2004 specially for importing fitness equipments such as Treadmills, Bikes, Home Gyms, Single Stations / Commercial / Semi-Commercial/ domestic range, & many other Fitness Accessories & Equipments to cater to the needs of all category of people in a better way.

In the last three years, Sachdev Overseas has achieved rapid growth in Sales with a large domestic market formed & sales outlets covering every part of the states/country. New products are vigoursly developed & in a short span of time “Aerofit” has became the market leader setting standards for others to follow. In addition, we stock huge spare parts for any failures or any other defects for immediate replacement. We have a team of technical personnel on call for any trouble shooting at the customer doorsteps.

"Aerofit" has created a niche for itself in the fitness arena by delivering international quality products, backed by after sales service by squad of trained personnel to offer excellent services, Quality as its motto. Its product enjoys high reputation all over the country. The company implements the strategy of brand operation basing on faith.